Reflexology is a unique form of deep pressure massage to the feet, and can be applied to the hands. Reflexology creates deep relaxation in the body, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and the symptoms of ill health that stress can cause.

It works on a scientific theory that the whole body is reflected in miniature on the surfaces of the feet and hands. The various organs, systems and structures of the body came to be known as 'Reflexes' on the feet and hands. As reflexes were stimulated it brought about a response in the corresponding area of the body.

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The science of reflexology has been adapted and developed since the first discoveries made over 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, China and India. The evidence shows cultures using feet and hand massages to relax and alleviate pain. The methods were thought to be a form of healing.

Modern day reflexology was introduced into the UK by Doreen Bayly in the 1960's, but prior to this, in America by Eunice Ingham in the 1930's. She developed the Zone Therapy findings of Dr William Fitzgerald also in the 1930's.

Reflexology illustration showing the Lymphatic System in the human body

How does it work?

The body has an incredible ability to heal itself.

Reflexology is a therapy that helps enhance the clients own healing potential. For this to happen the body must be relaxed, where all systems of the body can function more effectively.

A Treatment will calm the nervous system and boost circulation, commonly reducing anxiety, inflammation and pain.

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Such powerful responses provides the body with optimum conditions to be able to restore a healthy natural balance, achieving 'Homeostasis'. Reflexology is a 'Holistic' therapy, treating the person as a whole.

For complete balance in our bodies we must also consider any external factors such as Stress Levels.

In todays world research shows that over 70% of health conditions are caused by stress. Diet and sensible habits play a huge part in our health.

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